1. Old School Pixelated Resizer–My Gift To You

    Man, I miss the good old days of classic video games. Now that I'm trying to start writing a few games myself, I'd love to take my old sprites and bring them forward, but how can I maintain that silky smooth pixelated goodness?
  2. Developing iOS Applications with a cloud back end

    Are you developing iOS apps? Is it more than a toy? Need a data service? Want to send some push notifications? Ready to step up to the big leagues and get a cloud service to handle all of that? Want to provision that cloud back end in a matter of seconds?
  3. Building an App for Win8? I can help.

    We're looking to help developers like you to build the apps that will drive Windows 8. If you're already building Windows 8 applications, or want to get started, let me know. I'll help get you early access to the app store, and even get you a Microsoft engineer to help you build it!
  4. Why Move My ASP.NET to the Cloud?

    Customers and partners often ask me what the benefits are to moving from on-premise or traditional hosting environments to a cloud based platform like Windows Azure or AWS. If you're an ASP.NET application developer, you'll typically find the answer in one or more of these three reasons - Cost, Focus and Capabilities.
  5. Resource Guide

    I'm collecting a bunch of new links for you, to get you started and keep you moving along the path to cloud goodness.