Don't have time for a full day Azure Bootcamp? How about taking the afternoon off?


The Azure Bootcamps that we're giving right now are an awesome learning opportunity, and not to be missed if you can spare a day to your higher education (heh, heh, a cloud joke...). But maybe you don't have the time to commit a whole day to a full Azure bootcamp? Can you maybe just duck out early for the afternoon? If so, the Hands On Azure events might be just the ticket for you. They're already in full swing, but there's still a few left. St. Louis will be delivered by my good buddy Clint Edmonson, and the last 4 (Indy, Chicago, Waukesha and Downers Grove) will be delivered by yours truly.

So, come on - play hooky and get some learnings... If you want to get a headstart on the cloud, make sure to activate your MSDN Azure benefits or a 90 day trial before you get to class so that we can hit the ground running.

St. Louis
Milwaukee (Waukesha)
Downers Grove