Slides and Code from Dallas, July 10, 2012


Wow, what an awesome day we had in Dallas.  Lots of Azure goodness, led by ScottGu, Clint Edmonson, Brian Prince, Mike Benkovich and me! We had a sea of developers, and the engagement level was fantastic.  Thanks to everyone who came!

My talk was on Building Block Services, and covers:

  • Windows Azure Caching (Preview), both the dedicated and co-located versions.
  • Using the Cache as a Session State Provider, and a Page Output Cache provider for ASP.NET.
  • Service Bus Relays, Queues, Topics and Subscriptions
  • ACS Authentication and Claims Transformation
  • CloudConfigurationManager and it’s awesomeness.


My code is here (search it for “TODO” and fix it up with your own account details).